Stop air travel

To the editor:

As a former journalist for the media in the New York metropolitan area, I have certainly seen my share of tragedy and triumph. It is no exaggeration to say that we are currently experiencing an unprecedented tragedy — one that requires unprecedented sacrifices. I would like to reach out to you in the hopes you will use your voice to encourage the Federal Aviation Administration and local agencies to temporarily ban air travel. Individuals are continuing to travel daily and virtually unchecked from hotspots to locations in the country with fewer cases.

Even though limited screening is being conducted at airports, asymptomatic but contagious individuals can unknowingly carry the virus, in turn infecting many more. A big part of this global crisis is the lack of support from the federal government to close airports for fear of lost revenue and possible (even probable) backlash. As journalists, our duty is to tell the story, the whole story, and this is the biggest part of the story not being told. Why? Please do your part to publicize this plea for everyone’s safety.


Frank Koester

Royal Palm Beach, Florida

(Fomerly Saranac Lake)


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