COVID-19 economics gone wrong

To the editor:

A short while ago I took a break from preparing my economics class, which meant closing the laptop and taking a “socially distant” walk around town.

Economics in action: A supplier pulled up to a house. He got out with a pizza box in one hand. His passenger exited the car as well.

The consumer opened the front door, walked to the sidewalk, shook hands with the supplier, took the pizza, gave over the money, gave the passenger a hug and walked back inside. The market exchange was complete.

Hypothesis 1: New restaurant delivery service comes with a handshake and a hug.

Hypothesis 2: Three people just exchanged COVID-19 among themselves.

I can prove the first hypothesis with keen research and lot of telephone calling.

I cannot prove the second, because test kits are limited.

Social distancing is the new normal — even among your friends. Please stop hugging and handshaking. Just. Stop.

Diane Marie Litynski

Saranac Lake


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