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To the editor:

Your excellent editorials on Feb. 22 made the point that the state government loves to pour largesse on Lake Placid, while neglecting areas that are far more in need of a little attention, including us here in Tupper Lake.

If any supporting evidence of Albany’s myopia were needed, the governor happily supplied it a few days before. In your Feb. 18 edition, you quote Hizzoner lamenting, during his brief stop in Saranac Lake, that his entourage “could not find a hotel room anywhere between here and Lake George.” That struck me as odd — I did not recall seeing “No Vacancy” signs here in Tupper (a whole lot closer than Lake George) on Presidents Day weekend. I confirmed my impression with the owner of one of our top hotels — there were indeed rooms available here.

When the guv’s crowd thinks Adirondacks, they seem to be thinking of a thin, relatively glitzy strip of terrain stretching from Lake George through the High Peaks to Lake Placid — with Saranac Lake being the Edge, beyond which lie dragons. Ironic, considering all the administration’s focus on spreading summer hikers outward. For his next swing north, the governor’s schedulers should look west for rooms — they might even save the taxpayers some money!

Joseph Kimpflen

Tupper Lake


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