Teflon Don, continued

To the editor:

The Guest Commentary by John O’Neill was excellent, but there was one element missing: Attorney General Barr.

He reportedly shut down six criminal investigations into Trump on taking office, and another two since. He lied about the Mueller Report. Don can literally do what he wants with the AG in his pocket. This (Trump) is a man who stole from his foundation, money that regular people gave for veterans and children with cancer. He made the Medal of Freedom worthless by bestowing it on a man who called a young woman a slut and prostitute for wanting birth control to be covered in her health insurance. Mother Theresa was awarded this medal for her life of humanitarian works.

I was pretty angry when Trump “fired” Lt. Col. Vindman from his national security position. Vindman was working to protect our country, as he has done in the military. He is a decorated soldier, an Iraq veteran who was awarded the Purple Heart. I didn’t watch the New Hampshire debate last night but was heartened when former Vice President Biden told everyone to stand and clap for Lt. Col. Vindman.

This young man and his family had to be moved to a military base outside D.C. after testifying, for his safety. If that isn’t enough to tell you what kind of surreal America we are now living in, how about the president mocking how he talks and dresses? How about Trump mocking the words of Jesus Christ? Using filthy language we wouldn’t say in front of our kids. To us, who are worshipping Christians, that is anathema (blasphemy?). It is indeed a sad time in our country. We must keep strong in our principles and endeavor to elect a new president who espouses higher ideals such as truth, integrity and honor.


Jennifer Zahn

Saranac Lake


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