Tedra Cobb endorsed

To the editor:

The Jefferson County Democratic Committee has unanimously endorsed Tedra Cobb as a candidate for Congress representing the 21st Congressional District. Tedra Cobb epitomizes what a candidate for NY-21 should be.

Tedra Cobb has spent over 30 years living among the people of NY-21, raising her family, serving her community, and committing herself to the values of truth, duty and integrity that make living in the North Country such a positive way of life.

Tedra Cobb brings to the campaign for NY-21 her commitment to serve all the people in the district. Tedra’s focus on access to affordable health care and prescriptions for everyone, helping local economies thrive, supporting our military, helping the district deal with social issues that affect us all, and Tedra’s willingness to interact with all constituents helps everyone in NY-21. Most of all, Tedra Cobb brings a spirit of consensus building that is essential in Washington to help move this country beyond an era of polarization between political parties and ideas.

As recent events has shown, Elise Stefanik have fully committed to supporting President Trump’s reelection and an administration based in divisiveness, lies and the destruction of basic principles that have served our country for over almost 250 years. It’s easy to be bipartisan when the subject is about something we all agree. However, on issues that affect the people in NY-21, Stefanik has voted against the needs of the North Country in health care, the environment, safety net programs, and social needs and protections.

Tedra Cobb is committed to serving everyone in the 21st Congressional District. Tedra’s focus will be on her constituents and not climbing the ranks of power in Washington at the expense of those she will serve in NY-21. The Jefferson County Democratic Committee is proud to endorse Tedra Cobb to become our next member of Congress representing the 21st Congressional District.

Jon Hall


Jefferson County Democratic Committee