Stefanik blocks road to peace in Cyprus

To the editor:

Democrats, Republicans, all Americans are tired of partisan politics. Foreign relations traditionally have been bipartisan. Both parties certainly agree an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure. A strong military is not the answer to foreign relations threats. The military is the last resort we hope never to employ. The U.S. should identify threats to peace and resolve the issues by diplomatic means.

Americans do not want a war. War is imminent in Cyprus. Congresswoman Stefanik has been notified repeatedly by letters and emails. She does not respond. So much for representative government.

Greece and Turkey claim natural gas off the coast of Cyprus. Greece and Turkey do not own Cyprus. The Cypriot people do. Turkey has 35,000 troops on the island and its navy off shore. Greece has soldiers, its navy and now the French navy to confront the Turks. Greeks attacked Turks in 1963 and 1974. Another attack is imminent.

War can be prevented by President Trump requiring, in exchange for diplomatic recognition, the Turkish Cypriots to convert gas to higher value products like plastics, synthetics, fertilizer and cosmetics in facilities staffed by equal numbers of Greek and Turkish Cypriots. Excess gas can be sold to the highest bidder for the benefit of all Cypriots. A business solution that includes all Cypriots is better than competition between foreign governments.

When opposing peoples work together to achieve common objectives, they become friends and partners. That is the road to peace.

That is pretty easy to understand. Congresswoman Stefanik has been repeatedly asked to contact President Trump to make this business offer, which costs the U.S. nothing, to the Turkish Cypriots. She does not respond. Maybe if enough people in NY-21 contact her, she will wake up.

For three generations, almost 100 years, my family has been settling disputes as private citizens in the Middle East. My grandfather saved 1,250,000 Greeks, Armenians and Jews, and then was the change maker in Turkey that led to equal rights for women. His son, who was my father, provided arms to Turkey in 1940 that prevented the Nazi army from crossing Turkey to get to Suez and the oil fields. I learned from my father how to deal with the treacherous methods in the Middle East, something State Department bureaucrats do not understand. And who is blocking the road to peace? Elise Stefanik.

Roger Jennings