Sidewalk issue in Tupper Lake

To the editor:

Following is John Klimm’s address to the Tupper Lake town board on Feb. 13:

In talking to various people who have a background in religion, there are several passages in the Bible that I would like to direct to you, but I’m going to put it in layman’s terms so you can understand it: “You can’t shake hands with those who have clenched fists.”

There was a famous man whose birthday was this week who said, “I walk slowly forward, but I never walk backwards,” and I will continue to pursue the issue of this sidewalk.

My further comments will be by letters to the editors of Tupper Lake Free Press, Adirondack Daily Enterprise, the Lake Placid News, and the Sun.

Thank you for allowing me my three minutes.

Thank you,

John A. Klimm

Tupper Lake


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