Reward offered for murdered beagle

To the editor:

I am grief stricken that my beloved 12-year-old beagle Demon, whom I last saw alive on Jan. 7 in the Santanoni Preserve, is presumably dead.

The Newcomb town supervisor, Robin DeLoria, assured me in mid January that “everyone in town” knew about my lost beagle. When the Newcomb highway department found a mutilated beagle without a head or collar near the end of the month in Tahawus, which had been disposed of on the side of Lake Eaton Road near the Newcomb Club, no one notified me or the animal control officer. The highway department notified Essex County, but no investigation was done until I retrieved the bag containing forensic evidence a couple of weeks later, when my son heard about the carcass.

I hope it was not my Demon who was put in the bag and murdered, but would like to learn what happened to the poor dog who was dumped. Any information about this case, please contact me at dogmangg@frontiernet.net. Thank you.

Steve Ruzbacki



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