I left GOP due to politicians like Stefanik

To the editor:

I have been a voting Republican for more than 65 years and have recently switched to be a Democrat, mostly because I can no longer agree with what the Republicans have done and what they now stand for.

As a case in point, our congressional representative, Ms. Elise Stefanik, has day-to-day stepped further into the Trump party line and further and further away from the people who twice elected her to faithfully represent District 21 in northern New York. She has adopted Trump’s childish name-calling habit and has resorted to shady, if not untrue, invectives and activities against her current opponent, Tedra Cobb.

There have been a good number of past representatives from northern New York who were outstanding for our area, and Ms. Stefanik is, unfortunately, not following in their footsteps. She does not represent us; she represents herself, just as does Trump.

If you and I want a representative who truly reflects our values and interests, we MUST elect Tedra Cobb in November elections! Please register and vote for Tedra Cobb.

C. MacDonald Grout

Lake Placid


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