Don’t want Trump

To the editor:

Are we going to be safe now, America? Well, it looks like we lost again, America. He must have paid a lot this time to get back in from impeachment. Now we will pay to fill his pockets again.

Are we going to elect him again for 2021? Are we ready for higher taxes, no health insurance, maybe fewer jobs or possibly have to go to war again? I, for one, don’t want him here at all. Maybe he should move to another country. The Senate said hooray for getting him back.

I, for one, think that the idiot president is a phony and a racist, bigot, liar and a woman groper, and now a person who is going to rob us Americans to get even. I hope he doesn’t make president in 2021. If he does, we will all be sorry.

If we Americans had any common sense at all, we would fight to keep the USA on the map. If he is president again, we will be wiped off the map. There are a lot of countries now that don’t like us, thanks to Trump!

Is this what you want America? Is it? I don’t!

Betty Palin

Tupper Lake