Today is last day to comment on rail-trail plan

To the editor:

Jan. 8 is officially the last day to comment on the state’s unit management plan for the Remsen-Lake Placid Travel Corridor. Send comments to John Schmid at adirondackpark@dec.ny.gov.

Comments on the pros and cons of the trail vs. rail restoration are mostly what-ifs, so if you have not written yet, I suggest spending some time watching the webcams for Stillwater and Big Moose: oldforge.net/Stillwater and oldforgesnow.com (then click on the thumbnail far right for Big Moose). Then keep in mind every sled is $10,000-plus and represents a truck and trailer, room or seasonal rental, and meals and fuel and services. They are all looking for new and longer rides. NOW make your comment.

Scott Thompson

Beaver River