Time to petition candidates for president

To the editor:

January is the month of petitioning for the presidential candidates whom we would like to see on the New York state presidential primary election ballot on April 28, 2020. Petitioning is one of the very most democratic processes that we have as Americans. Here are the things that one should know when you sign a candidate’s petition to be on the ballot.

1. You must be a registered Democrat to sign a Democratic candidate’s petition. Likewise for Republicans.

2. You can only sign one candidate’s petition.

3. Sign the name that you used to register to vote.

4. Put the address that you used to register to vote.

5. You can check your name and address by calling your county board of elections.

What if you want to change your party or name or address?

1. Go on your county’s board of election website to get a form.

2. Get it into your county BOE before Feb. 14. 

3. The Department of Motor Vehicles does have the capability to do this, but going right to the BOE is much more efficient and reliable. 

There is another process going on simultaneously. We are choosing the delegates that will represent the candidates at their Democratic or Republican presidential conventions. Look for the petitions to get them on the New York state presidential primary April 28 as well.

The four of us signed below are supporting Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders. We have chosen him for his integrity, experience, consistency and his stance on the issues that matter most to us. Bernie Sanders has the clearest and most consistent stance on the environment and climate change. He views this issue as a top priority and an influence on all other issues. We also support Bernie Sanders’ unwavering support of health care for all, and his willingness to fight for decent wages and humane working conditions for all workers. His ideas are for the many, not the few. 

A Saranac Lake resident, Joe Henderson, is running to be a Bernie Sanders delegate to the Democratic National Convention. Please come meet him at the Trestle Street community room on 91 Woodruff St., Saranac Lake, from noon to 3 p.m. Saturday, Jan. 4 and/or Snow Grow farmers market in Jay from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Sunday, Jan. 5. There you will be able to sign his petition to get the ballot. We will also be collecting signatures for Bernie Sanders at this time. 

We and other Bernie Sanders supporters throughout Congressional District 21 will be holding petition signing events throughout January. We will be posting these on social media and in our local newspapers. Please join us by signing a petition for Bernie Sanders and Joe Henderson. Signing their petition will get them on the New York state presidential primary ballot April 28, 2020. 


Sue Abbott-Jones, Saranac Lake, 2016 delegate for Bernie Sanders

Joe Henderson, Saranac Lake delegate candidate for Bernie Sanders

Maddie Clark, Saranac Lake, working with the youth climate movement

Zohar Gitlis, Saranac Lake, farm worker, food justice activist


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