St. Armand seeks volunteers for various tasks

To the editor:

The St. Armand town board is seeking volunteers from our community. We are establishing several new committees to assist us with specific targets.

We are encouraging interested individuals to consider joining the following panels:

¯ Highway Garage Task Force: We are experiencing issues with venting at the highway garage. We have had a study compiled by an engineer, but we are looking for community members who have good working knowledge of building trades and construction to review the report, inspect the highway garage and make recommendations for repairs and improvements.

¯ Affordable Housing Task Force: By enlisting the assistance of our community members, we want to create a plan to address the needs of our residents. The goal of this task force would be to quantify the need for affordable housing, create a plan to address those needs and compile data to assist with grant funding applications. We will also work with HAPEC — Housing Assistance Program of Essex County — for funding and implementation of recommended projects. ¯ Veterans’ Memorial Park Task Force: The goal of this task force would be to identify what enhancements we can make to the park for the betterment of our community. We would then create and implement designs and plans that are economically feasible.

¯ St. Armand Youth Task Force: Identify the needs of the youth in our community. Possibly expand or change our current youth programs, compile data to assist with funding any unmet needs, and create an economically feasible plan for implementation of new programs. We are encouraging students and young people to join this task force.

If you are interested in joining any of these committees, please contact me at 518-891-3189 ext. 1 or email, davinastarmand@gmail.com. You may also contact any town board member. The committees will be finalized and a meeting schedule drafted on Feb. 11.

Thank you.

Best regards,

Davina Winemiller, town supervisor

D. Joseph Bates, deputy town supervisor

Donald Amell, town councilmember

Jennifer Fuller, town councilmember

Karl Law, town councilmember



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