Sensible idea, a roundabout

To the editor:

We read with interest the recent article addressing the possible makeover of the “Lake Flower Intersection,” which is comprised of River Street, Brandy Brook and Lake Flower avenues. We agree, a change is needed, especially with the addition of the Saranac Waterfront Lodge in the near future.

We support the idea of a roundabout and hope the village board and state Department of Transportation will look closely at this option. We have spent considerable time in an area that has several roundabouts and have experienced firsthand their efficiency.

A U.S. Department of Transportation study conducted in June 2017 showed that “roundabouts have been proven to be the safest type of intersection. Statistically, a roundabout is much safer to negotiate than traditional traffic intersections.”

Roundabouts are known to improve safety and reduce crashes; reduce congestion and pollution; reduce the amount of time drivers spend idling, which in turn reduces vehicle emissions and fuel consumption, saving money as well. Drivers travel with a lower speed in roundabouts, which means pedestrians have far less risk managing the crosswalks.

We frequently travel through the current intersection and are well aware of the delays and confusion that often occur at this location. A redesign which would provide a positive and safer impact would be welcomed. We urge the committees involved with this project to take an in-depth look at all of the options. Once reviewed, we hope they will conclude that the safest and most efficient choice would be a roundabout for Saranac Lake.

Thank you,

Beth and Ron Edgley