Reminder for senior citizens

To the editor:

For residents 65 years of age and older, the deadline to renew your senior citizens exemption is Monday, March 2.

At least one owner must be 65 years of age (or turning 65 before Dec. 31, 2020). Eligibility is based on income reported to the IRS and New York state in 2018 for all owners and anyone else living in the home. To receive the senior citizens exemption in the town of North Elba, the maximum income limit is $32,400. For those who are no longer required to file tax returns, income documentation, such as Social Security statements, must be provided.

Although New York state took over managing the Enhanced STAR program in 2019, residents turning 65 in 2020 who are currently receiving the Basic STAR exemption should apply with our office. If you are receiving the credit check, please contact New York state directly by calling 518-457-2036 or registering online at www.tax.ny.gov/star.

These exemptions are very important to our older citizens, and we don’t want to see anyone lose them simply because they didn’t apply. North Elba residents were sent senior citizens exemption renewal applications in November, so if they have been misplaced or if help is needed completing them, please visit our office at the North Elba Town Hall or call our exemption coordinator, Deb Mueller, at 518-523-1975. For those who don’t live in the town of North Elba, please contact your town assessor.

More information about these exemptions is also available at the following websites: https://www.tax.ny.gov/pit/property/star/eligibility.htm and https://www.tax.ny.gov/pit/property/exemption/seniorexempt.htm.


Todd Anthony


Town of North Elba

Lake Placid


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