On the Wildlife Refuge

To the editor:

We learned from an article in Wednesday Jan. 22 Enterprise that Wendy Hall of the Adirondack Wildlife Refuge in Wilmington had her state wildlife rehabilitation license revoked, and that the organization will need to relocate some of the animals Wendy takes care of. It seems that they missed some bureaucratic paperwork because they were too busy taking care of the animals.

The Refuge is a great educational center. They house, feed and take care of injured and sick animals and release them when they recover. Only animals whose injuries don’t allow them to survive in the wild are kept longer.

Every spring there’s a big release day when animals brought back to health are released. Each fall the Refuge hosts Habitat Awareness Day, bringing many speakers and experts who teach about our area, its wildlife and their habitat.

The Refuge is an important educational center where everyone can learn about our region’s wildlife. If the center closes it will be a horrible loss for the area as well as tourists and visitors from near and far.

Dana Fast

Lake Clear


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