Madeline Clark’s call to action

To the editor:

I am writing to affirm Madeline Clark’s Jan. 8 Guest Commentary that climate change threatens our health, livelihood, security, wildlife, the natural environment, basically life as we know it, regardless of who we are, our politics or culture.

Depending on our ages, we may view the pressing impact of climate change differently. At my age, for example, will I be alive to feel its full effects? Perhaps, but clearly not to the extent that my children and your children will experience it, along with the generations to follow.

Youth clearly see a fractured future, and wisely and boldly are taking action to be heard today. It is our job to listen with respect, learn, support and act with people of all ages to pressure our representatives to act in our, the planet’s, best interest.

Climate change is not a short-term problem to be ignored nor minimized by our political leaders for their own short-term gain. Climate change and the ability for our planet to sustain life is the overarching issue that casts an ominous shadow on the way we live our lives today and how we will live in the future. Political decisions made nationally and globally 2020 and beyond will accelerate or slow down the progression of change.

The North Country is a wonderful place to live and raise children. We prioritize family and a way of life that fosters community, self-reliance, faith and a strong respect for nature. If we permit ourselves to live our North Country values, we will see that our role is to clearly support and participate in bold, youth-led actions to protect our way of life to the extent it is now possible.


Margot Gold

Saranac Lake


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