Don’t limit reminders to fix sidewalk

To the editor:

Rebuttal to Patti Littlefield comments in the Adirondack Daily Enterprise of Jan. 2:

1. We did not throw papers or call people names.

2. Freedom of speech allows the public to address issues, whether the board likes the issues or not.

3. Yes, five minutes used to be allowed, now shortened to three minutes, and speakers cannot give any of their unused time to someone else! If the U.S. government allows this, are you above the USA law?

4. Gavel used by your father John Sparks is OK, but he is gone and not on the board. So any gavel can be used. If he was, believe me he would be running a more truthful and honest town board, and get things done in a timely manner.

5. The sidewalk was installed in 1962 by the state and signed over to the town of Tupper Lake to take care of, but the town has done nothing to keep it in good repair.

6. The office of the state Department of Transportation in Watertown and Albany Gov. Cuomo’s office have contacted you regarding the sidewalk issues, and you refused to do any work on it even in 2020.

7. We have been asking for the sidewalk repair for over two years now. When is the town going to repair it before someone falls and gets hurt?

John Klimm

Barbara Close

Tupper Lake


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