It’s crystal clear what Trump was doing

To the editor:

There is a strange malady infecting Trump supporters in this country. The disease seems to disrupt one’s ability to read and interpret the English language. I downloaded the text of the raw script of the Ukraine call from Fox News and read it in a few minutes.

The Ukrainian president ended a paragraph by saying “that they were getting ready to buy your Javaline missiles for defense purposes.” The very next sentence was the Trump statement, “I need a favor, though, our countries have each been through a lot …”

The word “though” is used as a qualifier in this context, meaning, “I’ll do that if you do this.” You get the defense arms when you investigate the Bidens. This was our president extorting another national leader, an ally against Russia, for personal reasons. This was among other requests, and the message was crystal clear. I cannot understand how anyone can read these words and not see the purpose of Trump’s demand.

Trump’s impeachment largely centers on these words, as well as other outrageous actions, substantiated by credible expert testimony. Trump’s bizzare and somewhat treasonous interaction with Putin sets off caution flares of, “Why are you doing this?”

Trump’s policies regarding NATO, Ukraine, the European Union, North Korea, devisioning of the American public, climate change and our election tampering, all point to Putin’s playbook of reviving the old Soviet Union.

Enter Rep. Elise Stefanik, trying to defend Trump’s actions at the House impeachment hearings with a vigorous but shallow attack of hearing procedures. The new “Trumpette.” Does she realize she is doing the Russians a very big favor? If so, perhaps her name should be spelled “Stefanov.” Make the change in NY-21 come November.

Mike Storey

Saranac Lake


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