Stefanik is trying to defend the indefensible

To the editor:

It has become very clear that the evidence that Trump attempted to trade U.S. assistance for dirt on a political rival is overwhelming. This was not normal negotiations between two countries. This was, you must do this for ME personally to get what you want. That is just plain wrong.

I have been watching the hearings on Trump and have been disgusted to see our representative Elise Stefanik attempting to defend the indefensible. There are times when the behavior of the president is just wrong, and whether you are for or against him, it must be called out for what it is. This is one of those times! By attempting to defend Trump at all costs, I can only conclude that Rep. Stefanik either thinks that the ends justify the means or she thinks what he did was OK. Well, it is not OK!

By her unconditional participation in the defense of Trump’s actions in this case, she has shown that she does not have the leadership qualities to represent this great country. I am ashamed to have her representing our district.

Tom Bradshaw



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