Please fill out sewer survey

To the editor:

The town of St. Armand is working on obtaining state and federal funding for much-needed improvement projects to our municipal sewer system. Funding assistance is critical in order to make these projects affordable for our community and maintain reasonable sewer user rates. As part of the application process, the town must gather information from residents about median income and household characteristics.

Recently we mailed an income survey to each customer of the St. Armand Wastewater District.

The survey is confidential. Data will be collected and compiled into a summary report by a third-party consultant — the Essex County Planning Office. The surveys will not be viewed by any town employee, nor will your information ever be sold or shared with any other entity.

Please be aware that future wastewater improvement projects affect the sewer rates and the information requested is necessary to successfully apply for grant funding. This easy and quick survey will request information about family size, income, ethnicity and other household characteristics. The information provided will not be disclosed at any point and will only be used for the expressed purpose of determining whether or not our community qualifies for state and federal grant funding opportunities.

The proposed sewer improvement projects are important because they will improve the public infrastructure that serves our community. Many of our sewer mains were installed in the 1930s and are deteriorated beyond repair. 

We encourage everyone to complete the income survey form and return it as soon as possible in the enclosed pre-addressed, postage paid envelopes. This will give our community the best possible chance to secure grant funding. 

If you have any questions about the survey or the sewer improvements being proposed, please contact the town supervisor at 518-891-3189 ext. 1, or via email: davinastarmand@gmail.com.

Thank you for your time and attention to this very important matter.

Best regards,

Davina Winemiller


Town of St. Armand