Many thanks for campaign support

To the editor:

Dear friends and voters:

Thank you for your support and your votes, which secured my reelection to the Franklin County legislature representing the towns of Franklin and Harrietstown. Thank you for giving me the chance to serve you for three more years as your legislator. I am eager to serve everyone in our district and the rest of Franklin County.

Thank you for your warm reception during my door-to-door campaign in Lake Clear, Vermontville, Onchiota and Saranac Lake. You were generous with your time and truly interested in discussing what was important for you.

I value greatly your opinions and comments. If I wasn’t able to meet you face-to-face as I went door-to-door, please know that I will always make myself available to you.

Special thanks to the 30-plus people who wrote letters to the editor in support of my campaign. Your insights made a difference to people who did not know me personally.

Walking door-to-door is rewarding, yet it also takes a lot of your personal time. To those who walked door-to-door with me, thank you for reaching out to your neighbors and introducing me to them. I appreciate all of your willingness to meet and talk with people.

Thanks also for phone calls made, both during the campaign and for getting out the vote. Many people joined in for this final and important effort.

Thanks to the Harrietstown Democratic Committee, Town of Franklin Democratic Committee, Franklin County Democratic Committee, members of the Franklin County legislature, Working Families Party, Adirondack Voters for Change and Tedra Cobb for your support.

Final thanks to my husband, Rich Shapiro, for his encouragement, his humor, his help and his very good cooking.

With my heartfelt thanks to all,

Lindy Ellis

Franklin County legislator, towns of Harrietstown and Franklin

Saranac Lake


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