Jay Rand right man for the job

To the editor:

Twenty-five years ago I made a conscious decision to find some way to live here. I rented a home in Jay, got a part-time job at Whiteface as a ski instructor teaching kids on the weekends and began the weekly commute up the Northway from Albany. I worked at the DEC then, hoping to get a job in Ray Brook. As good fortune would have it, I was appointed to a position in Governor Pataki’s office. One of my first opportunities to travel with him was to Lake Placid/Whiteface Mountain for Christmas week 1996. It was then that I first met Jay Rand in his role as Whiteface Mountain Manager.

I witnessed firsthand Jay’s professionalism, attention to detail and the overall confidence he displayed while performing his job. Governor Pataki had the opportunity to spend time with Jay over the next 10 years and ultimately would begin investing in Whiteface and the other ORDA venues. Jay became a friend to the rest of the Pataki family over the years.

As Director of Local Government Affairs for Governor Pataki, I spent years working with elected officials from all over the State: county executives, mayors, supervisors, board members and still do. I can tell you that North Elba is very fortunate to have had some fine public servants in the past. This year, North Elba has an opportunity to elect a another fine individual in Jay Rand for supervisor.

I’ve lived here now full time for 10 years, my two children were born here and attend Lake Placid elementary schools. When I can, I try to contribute something to the community, be a good neighbor, volunteer and raise my children right. Living here is a privilege that I do not take lightly. I admire and respect the generations of families that have worked hard to raise a family here. I admire Jay Rand for his accomplishments and past years of service to this community. There are many like Jay in this community, it’s why I moved here.

Now retired from ORDA, Jay Rand has committed to working full-time as North Elba supervisor. Residents should expect and deserve that kind of dedication from their next supervisor. This is a unique community, with unique needs. From Washington D.C., to Albany to Elizabethtown, North Elba may be a small community but today the job of supervisor requires a level of sophistication, intelligence and leadership. Jay possesses all of these characteristics and is a proven leader.

For me, there is no question that Jay is the right person for the job. I’ll be voting for Jay Rand as the next supervisor of North Elba. I hope you do to.

Bill McGahay

North Elba

Former Director of Local Government Affairs to Governor Pataki & Deputy Secretary 1996-2006