Why Lindy Ellis?

To the editor:

Why are there so many letters to the editor supporting Lindy Ellis’ run to continue her seat on the Franklin County legislator for the towns of Franklin and Harrietstown? If you have ever had the fortune to be present to observe Lindy when a concern is expressed for a community need, you will witness this scenario.

You will have seen Lindy sit a little straighter, sharpen her focus on the speaker, listen intently and eventually start asking thoughtful questions to gain a more full picture of the concern. She will attempt to get answers about who is affected, who the significant players are. She will ask for sources of information and in collaboration with others, come up with a plan for gathering that information. Soon, you might learn that Lindy has visited the problem site if relevant, talked with people both who are affected by the problem and those who may have a responsibility or interest toward a solution. She shares her findings and works collaboratively with others toward conclusions and actions.

Lindy relates politely and respectfully, but also with a great sense of joy and excitement in her life and work, whether she is working to build a skatepark, hosting a tandem bicycle rally, advocating to keep the Adirondack Regional Airport viable for our economic future, helping to attain local broadband or address problems of road salt contamination. Many of Lindy’s contributions were made long before she became a legislator, not initially by her own seeking but by appointment to fill a vacancy. What great wisdom of that sitting Board of Legislators. Let us keep Lindy working for our community by reelecting her. Unhappily, I am a few blocks from being able to vote for Lindy, but I as do so many others benefit from her community service.

Phyllis Magnus

Saranac Lake


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