Vote for Lindy Ellis on Nov. 5

To the editor:

I’m writing to urge you to reelect Lindy Ellis to the Franklin County Legislature on Tuesday, Nov. 5. I’ve had the great pleasure of working closely with Lindy, particularly in my role as the coordinator of Point Positive, the greater Adirondack region’s angel investor group, of which Lindy is a member, and I continue to be impressed with her commitment to whatever she takes on.

As a Point Positive member, Lindy has made a point of attending not only our annual Pitch Events (think of a kinder, gentler version of “Shark Tank”) but also fully participating in the workshops we do each year for aspiring entrepreneurs in partnership with Clarkson’s Shipley Center. As a mentor at these sessions, she’s able to put the entrepreneurs at ease and use her analytical skills and business acumen to help them develop their plans and next steps.

Lindy is a problem solver who always does her homework and makes a point of making sure she understands all points of view before moving ahead on an assignment, whatever it might be. She cares about, talks to and really listens to her constituents to find out what’s going on and as a result she has a good feel for the communities she serves as a Franklin County legislator.

She’s also a doer who, when she sees something that needs to be done, simply steps up to make it happen. I’ll always remember two summers ago, seeing Lindy schlepping 5-gallon containers of water around the village to keep the flowers going during a long, dry spell. That’s just one small example of the countless things she does for our community without any need for recognition or fanfare. Yet she’s the first to make sure that others are recognized for the contributions they make to our community.

I hope you’ll help ensure that Lindy can continue her good work for Franklin County.

Melinda Little

Saranac Lake


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