There are good reasons so many support Ellis

To the editor:

There is a sick little lie going around the North Country these days. It says that Democrats are socialists. Some of the people spreading this know better and should be ashamed of themselves. Nearly all Democrats know that free enterprise, not socialism, is what made and continues to make America great. But Democrats do stand up for ordinary Americans. They gave us programs (Social Security being the best example) that make free enterprise work for everyone’s benefit.

Lindy Ellis, Democratic candidate for reelection to the Franklin County legislature, had a long and successful career with Corning, a big capitalist corporation. Corning recognized Lindy’s talents and gave her many promotions, first as an engineer and then as a manager both in the U.S. and overseas, then as director. Then Lindy and her husband Rich retired to Saranac Lake with their prosperous small business, while taking time to be heavily involved in community betterment by helping bring into being great projects like the SkatePark. Since joining the Franklin County legislature, Lindy has also gotten results, especially in fixing our long-neglected roads.

Lindy is relentless, but in the best possible way. Do you think all these letters supporting her in the Enterprise are accidents? When she asked me to write this one, I said sure, but not until I came back from vacation on Oct. 8. First email I opened upon getting home on Oct. 8 was my friendly reminder from Lindy. If Lindy was not such a good person, her relentlessness would make her really dangerous! But do you think your Franklin County neighbors would be putting their names at the bottom of those letters for her if she was not an absolutely class person and public servant? Of course not!

Lindy Ellis has proven herself to be a smart, public-spirited, free-enterprise-loving and effective legislator for Franklin County. She deserves our votes. Franklin County residents deserve her talent and relentless dedication to our best interests. 


Phil Newton

Saranac Lake