Ellis is smart, patient and works to build consensus

To the editor:

I wish to tell you about the wonderful woman, Lindy Ellis, that I have been with for over 43 years. We met in college when she was one of only 12 women in the first class allowing women into what had been, for 100 years, an all-male engineering school. A woman who, when she got her first engineering job out of college, was refused a credit card because they didn’t believe that a woman could have a job as an engineer. A woman who courageously rose to the level of director of engineering for Corning Inc. 

She is a strong, accomplished woman who is not part of the “good old boys” network, and that has some of those old boys scared.

Lindy Ellis’s professional experience is in manufacturing, engineering and R&D. She worked internationally in Europe and Asia, and teaches, even now, manufacturing, engineering and leadership both in the U.S. and Asia. 

Lindy is a great consensus builder and problem solver. She has the patience (as proven by dealing with me for so long) to negotiate with, cajole and convince the legislative majority from the northern end of the county to give our southern end our fair share, as evidenced by her ability to get Old Lake Colby Rd and county Route 55 (Bloomingdale-Gabriels) roads on the schedule for major rebuilds next year, and a large section of CR60 done this year.

Lindy is deeply connected to our community and committed to helping us reach our full potential. We both live here full time. We’re not snowbirds. Lindy cares about the people and businesses in our towns and believes in helping them thrive. She talks with folks to find solutions to problems and then works hard to solve those problems. People from our community contact Lindy asking for help with issues, and she consistently has been able to connect them with the correct state and/or county agencies to get the help they need. Lindy cares. Lindy takes action. Lindy helps.

Lindy has experience. In addition to her impressive engineering career, in the last 10 years she has been involved in many local initiatives including:

¯ Helped organize the Opioid Forum (May 2018), which led to the formation of the Tri-Lakes Community Alliance for Addiction Prevention.

¯ Saranac Lake SkatePark Committee (2010 to present). Helped build the SkatePark.

¯ Chairman and board member, Saranac Lake Parks and Trails Advisory Board (2009 to present)

¯ Board member, Homeward Bound Adirondacks (2012 to 2015)

¯ Saranac Lake Local Development Corporation, LDC (2012 to 2015)

¯ Franklin County Industrial Development Agency, LDC and CDC (2017 and 2018)

¯ Franklin County Traffic Safety Board (board member, 2010 to present)

¯ Franklin County legislature (June 2018 to present).

This is why I will vote for Lindy Ellis, the intelligent, thoughtful, consensus-building legislator for Franklin County.

Join me Nov. 5 in voting for Lindy. 

Rich Shapiro

Saranac Lake