Ellis has listened to Franklin town concerns

To the editor:

From time to time we make decisions that we regret later. Last year I wrote my first letter in support of any political candidate. I supported Lindy Ellis for Franklin County legislature, not because of promises that she made but because she actually listened. One year later I can say that decision I do not regret.

In the past year I have talked to Lindy numerous times; be it for personal, town or county business, she always listens. Lindy does more than just listen, though; she acts. When she was made aware that funding for extreme winter recovery funding was left out of the state budget, she immediately started contacting people. This is only an example. I know that some county departments do not like to see Lindy, for the simple reason that she is there always fighting for us, our little place in the world.

Lindy is not a miracle worker; she does not have a magic wand that she can wave and get things done. She is only human, and her position can only do so much. But she is doing what she was appointed for and then elected for: She is representing us; she is fighting for us. Most people, myself included, will never know how much she does, but as long as she continues to fight for us, then she will always have my support.


Michael Canty



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