Elect Demong and Jarvis

To the editor:

I want to invite residents of the town of Franklin to elect two highly qualified men to the town council. Leo Demong and Dick Jarvis are both longtime residents of the town and both former state employees who worked with land, water and environmental issues. They are both open-minded and intelligent neighbors who will listen to our concerns and represent us with integrity. They are generous with their time and willing and able to help us in all our dealings with local, state and county government. Mostly, though, both Leo and Dick are thoughtful people who consider issues carefully. Like all of us, they are concerned with keeping taxes low and spending the town’s money with care while continuing to improve our quality of life.

Town of Franklin residents are also lucky to have a number of other great candidates. Jacques DeMars has years of experience as highway superintendent, as does Lauren Lefebvre as town clerk/tax collector. Dee Brown, who is running for town supervisor, is the current deputy supervisor and has worked closely with the current supervisor and the town board. All three are well placed to keep the town running smoothly.

I hope all town of Franklin residents will come out and vote on Nov. 5.


Shir Filler