Donaldson has the right approach

To the editor:

As a former supervisor of the Harrietstown town board, and as one of the four Franklin County coroners, I have interacted with Franklin County board members since 1960.

There have been former legislators like John Sparks from Tupper Lake, Dave VanDerwalker from St. Regis Falls — whether it was for the village, the town or for the coroner’s office, they would respond to me.

District 7 legislators (the towns of Harrietstown and Franklin) Bill Mansion, Jan Plumadore, Jerry Gillmett, Tim Burpoe and Cliff Donaldson responded when I reached out to them, or the entire Franklin County board.

These responsible past legislators include Cliff Donaldson and his prior service to us as one of the legislators with extensive government experience who helped.

These former legislators did not give me a lot of fluff words, and that includes Cliff.

I am quite aware of the north-south issues in the county. My personal experience with how the county board works is part of why I think Cliff Donaldson deserves your consideration.

Think about it. Cliff has stepped forward as an independent candidate. He brings his knowledge, experience and his continuing commitment to public service and good government. It has been my experience, both as a past member of the Harrietstown town board and as a county coroner, that Cliff responded to and addressed needs and issues in a quiet but effective way.

I believe Cliff will be a qualified, committed and responsible Franklin County legislator for all residents of District 7, with an open mind and determination to work with all of us.

My personal experience with Cliff supports him as a candidate who is a true citizen candidate.

As a Franklin County legislator, Cliff would meet with Mary Ellen Keith, the then supervisor of the town of Franklin, and myself as the then supervisor of the town of Harrietstown, to do three things.

One, Cliff would bring both towns up to speed on what was going on in the county and how it was affecting our two towns. Second, Cliff would listen to what we had to say about what the towns of Harrietstown and Franklin needed from Franklin County. Third, we would have a discussion about how he was doing in his representation of the two townships in his district.

While those meetings were very candid, and the three of us were not always in agreement, it was a working relationship between a county legislator and two town supervisors. I thank Cliff for his availability, his straightforward interaction with Mary Ellen and myself, and his commitment to work with us.

I encourage each of you to carefully consider Cliff Donaldson as the candidate who will represent our interests and needs in a responsible and responsive way.

Ron Keough

Past member and supervisor of the Harrietstown town board

Current Franklin County coroner

Saranac Lake