Donaldson for legislator

To the editor:

I say kudos to Mr. Donaldson for having the determination to take on what has become a “closed shop” Democratic Party in this area. I would ask all voters of District 7 (Harrietstown and Franklin), what has your current representative done for the southern end of Franklin County? After two years, there is absolutely nothing of distinction that she can hang her hat on other than having a continual barrage of meaningless letters published in the local newspaper citing her so-called engineering job and listening capabilities, but yet has nothing of significance to show for it.

As a Democrat, I would encourage all voters to think hard about which person offers you a better voice in Malone as your representative. Mr. Donaldson has demonstrated that he can and will be that person. He is not afraid to stand up for and support the taxpayers of Harrietstown and Franklin. Cliff is well respected throughout the county and will make sure the southern end gets its fair share.

Ed Goetz

Town of Harrietstown

Saranac Lake


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