Thank you to Lindy Ellis

To the editor:

Connection. Caring. Thoughtful. Personable. These are simple yet huge, meaningful words when it comes to Lindy Ellis.

I see her visiting the Adult Center often. You can see her support in and around our community by just picking up the newspaper or checking her Facebook page. She is involved on a daily basis.

Here is my personal story: When I reapplied for my Medicare recently, I was turned down. At the age of 88, I was beside myself and felt like my world and daily living were being jeopardized by health care. We called Lindy. She was empathetic, and immediately acted and put us in touch with the right professional resource who could help us get through this crisis. We called them, and they were at my side within the week to help. I cannot thank Lindy enough for her guidance. I will add empathetic to the words above: connection, caring, thoughtful and personable. Lindy is the right choice for our community.

Please vote Lindy Ellis for Franklin County legislature this November.


Jean Rogers

Saranac Lake


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