More on gun control (with a ‘spin’)

To the editor:

I, like many of my fellow Americans, are sickened by the latest rhetoric of Donald Trump where he no longer considers “universal background checks” that important. At an August rally in New Hampshire, he did not even mention UBCs as appropriate action — a 180-degree reversal from his comments immediately after the El Paso and Dayton terrorist massacres. Instead he focused on the mental health issue of gun owners. I agree that the mental health issue must be addressed. This is a long-term solution to the problem; but we need short-term actions to guard against future massacres while the long-term solution is researched and developed.

We must demand action from our Congress. A number of bipartisan, legislative initiatives have already been approved by the House and sent to the Senate, where “the Grim Reaper” (Mitch McConnell) has refused to have such legislation brought to the Senate floor for debate or vote. He is truly a disgrace to American democracy and should be impeached. But I digress.

Let’s demand that Congress put together legislation that outlaws weapons of war (attack rifles), armor-piercing ammo and high-capacity magazine clips (more than six bullets), initiate comprehensive, universal background checks for ALL gun sales and outlaw body armor. Implement a national gun buy-back program, to include the buy-back of high-capacity magazines and body armor.

Now for the “spin”: Demand that any politician who has accepted $25,000 or more over the past three years from any organization that is specifically dedicated to the promotion or limiting of gun rights be automatically RECUSED from Congressional debate and voting.

It is impossible to have such politicians offer unbiased opinions or votes on the subject. They will vote exactly as the NRA and no-gun organizations tell them to vote, regardless of the merits of the argument. They vote in order to secure funding for future campaigns. If they want to represent their constituents on this subject at this time, they must return the monies that they have received over the past three years AND promise not to accept any future funds from these organizations. Then we can have meaningful, objective debate of the subject and vote on the merits of the legislation.

Enough is enough.

Ed Gualtieri

Saranac Lake


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