Lindy Ellis deserves our support

To the editor:

Lindy Ellis is a great representative for Franklin County District 7 and deserves to be reelected as our legislator.

Lindy has devoted countless hours to her community. She got involved in the effort to bring a skatepark in Saranac Lake and helped make it happen even though she doesn’t skate. That is selfless service. Her work on the Parks and Trails Advisory Board helps make Saranac Lake a healthier, safer and more attractive community. Serving in the community is just what Lindy Ellis does.

When working with others, Lindy seeks to understand and is respectful of other points of view. She gathers facts before making decisions. She seeks compromise but is also firm in her principles. She works as hard as anyone even though she doesn’t have to and she is always working on our behalf at the county. Franklin County is a better place because of Lindy’s work. What more could we ask for?

Lindy Ellis has earned the right to represent us. Let’s give her our support in November.

Jeremy Evans

Saranac Lake