Keep Ellis as our strong voice in Malone

To the editor:

Lindy Ellis is our strong voice in Malone.

Since June 2018 she has served as Franklin County legislator for the towns of Franklin and Harrietstown.

As such, Lindy advocated successfully for the Franklin County road repair schedule for road repairs: county routes 55 and 60, as well as Old Lake Colby Road.

She advocated for Adirondack Regional Airport’s runway width and culvert rebuilds.

(Personal note: I cannot imagine spending time, travel, energy and focus talking about backcountry roads and runway widths. Go, Lindy!)

Lindy has fought hard to keep North Country Community College strong. She helped hire the new president.

Lindy promoted and helped secure grants for local businesses.

Specifically in the village of Saranac Lake, Lindy Ellis helped build the Saranac Lake SkatePark. She was treasurer for the Saranac Lake Local Development Corporation. They acquired grants for local businesses to spruce up their exteriors.

Lindy’s controlled passion for the well-being, safety and progress of our people make her our (needed) strong voice in Malone.

Margo Nagle

Saranac Lake


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