In regard to fire hydrants

To the editor:

I own a home in the village and pay all my taxes. I had noticed that some fire hydrants in town don’t work. As a payer of village taxes, I feel that the village should prioritize fire hydrants so they are all operational. It would be a tragedy if someone’s house burned down because the hydrant near the home was out of operation. I have a hydrant in my front yard that works, and if it didn’t, I would be bugging the village every day until it was fixed. Mountain Medical would also be covered by my hydrant.

Another thing people should keep in mind, when winter comes, is to do your best to unbury your hydrant, not throw snow on top. The extra time that it would take the firemen to shovel it out could make the difference between saving or losing your home. I’m 71 years old and live alone. I do my best to keep it clear, but it’s not easy for me. If the village could send some of their staff to help me and others keep the hydrants uncovered, it would really be appreciated by all of us, I’m sure.

Virginia Daniels

Saranac Lake