Vote for River Drivers as name of baseball team

To the editor:

The naming process for the proposed Tupper Lake semi-professional baseball team has taken on a life of its own. What should have been a fun and exciting occasion has become divisive and nasty. What we do agree on is that it will be a wonderful addition to our community to have the team playing here, and hosting teams from throughout the league.

The baseball committee promised to take the “pig” name off the table; that promise was publicized nationally. But they have not upheld that promise. Instead, a naming vote is scheduled for Saturday, Aug. 31. A total of seven names — including the River Pigs — has been provided, thus potentially diluting the votes of those who object to that name. The only way to eliminate the disparaging name is to unite in voting for one of the other options.

I encourage those who are not voting for the River Pigs name to unite in choosing the name River Drivers. This is a commonly understood name, widely used throughout the logging industry. Of the seven options provided, River Drivers clearly honors our logging heritage; it will enhance our community’s image and is not derogatory to anyone.

Please vote on Aug. 31 at the Municipal Park ball field between noon and 6 p.m.


Rita Quinn

Tupper Lake


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