Tiger show is barbaric

To the editor:

Re: Janet Brown’s comment on the community opposition to tigers at the Essex County Fair: “This is entertainment. … People are always going to find something to be upset about.”

It is 2019. I cannot believe we still think that it is OK to exploit animals for human entertainment purposes. That is barbaric and beyond inexcusable. There are a plethora of other ways to entertain people at a fair that do not involve going to asinine measures such as using TIGERS, who belong in the natural wild, to wow humans who have created an artificial, unnatural environment to contain and exploit animals for literally no good reason. The community speaks out because people have hearts and are opposed to this kind of exploration for reasons of compassion. This is incredibly ridiculous, and I cannot believe that such an insensitive comment was made regarding folks in the community who want to give living beings with no voice a say.

Cassandra Hough