Thanks to all who helped dog during Ironman

To the editor:

Ironman Sunday morning is usually a very quiet time in Lake Clear. That all changed this year when our dog, Dozer, got in a fight with a porcupine and wound up with 40-plus quills embedded in his chest.

Being a Sunday, my wife and I thought, now what do we do? Within minutes, the phone was ringing at the Lake Placid Animal Hospital. We both thought that the chance of a live person answering was slim to none. How wrong we were. Not only a live person, but Dr. Allison Flanigan herself answered our frantic call. She agreed to drop everything and meet us at her office as soon as possible.

A huge thank-you for going above and beyond on Ironman Sunday. Thanks for getting all of the quills out and stitching up our little man on such short notice. Thanks also to your excellent staff who had Dozer all ready for your arrival.

We also want to thank the three New York State Police troopers who made sure I got to the vet’s office. One even let me drive on the side of the bike course so I didn’t have to walk and carry Dozer the last half-mile. Thanks for all you do every day. And a shout out to the blue-shirted volunteer who helped me get back through the bikers afterward.

If you ever find yourself in a similar situation, I highly recommend you call the Lake Placid Animal Hospital and ask for Dr. Flanigan. If you encounter three NYSP, just explain your situation, and they will get you through. And if you need a local’s help, just ask one, and you will get it.

Dozer is doing fine now. Thanks to all who helped.


Benjy and Nicole Ellithorpe

Lake Clear