Taking a stand against bad behavior on rugby weekend

To the editor:

By the time you receive this letter, rugby weekend will be over. I just need to share some disturbing incidents. I am not sure that they are related, but in view of the violence in El Paso and Dayton this weekend, we all need a heads-up.

A friend on Facebook shared the harassment that she received from rugby players passing by in cars. She felt uncomfortable and put it as white, middle-class men set loose for a weekend of competition and few social rules. Another friend answered the post by saying that the partying in her small motel left her wondering if the business brought by the rugby tournament was worth it.

On a much darker note, the coordinator of the Eliza Monte Dance performance this past Saturday had to begin the event by apologizing for the racial harassment that some of the dancers received by a passing car of people while they toured Lake Placid’s Main Street.

Are these examples of unacceptable behavior related to the rugby tournament? We will never know. Is this the behavior we want in our area? Absolutely not!

Rugby weekend is a major economic boost for our communities. Of course, most of the participants are great people. However, the organizers can really help us out by framing the event as family friendly … stressing ALL families. The leaders of Lake Placid and Saranac Lake can take a stand against unacceptable and unsafe behavior.

I am always proud of what our area has to offer. Please help us all protect that pride.


Sue Abbott-Jones

Saranac Lake