I love Saranac Lake

To the editor:

As I grow older, I am more and more aware of the reasons I feel so strongly about Saranac Lake.

It is my hometown and has been a perfect fit for me over all of these years. I was born here and live here, until death do us part.

Recently, I have been addressing the problems with aging and have been more than happy with the medical services, knowing that if all is not to my liking, I can look for help in other places.

The medical program at North Country Community College is beyond my wildest dreams. During my recent attention to old age, I have discovered that very nearly every person with whom I dealt with as a graduate of this local community college. I find this amazing.

Our little community continues to grow from the roots of having been a haven for so many tubercular patients in past years.


Not too many years ago, the streets were still dirt, but our Winter Carnival remains a symbol of our positivity.

Another reason I am so proud of our little community is the mini department store, “The Merc,” that is surviving in spite of the naysayers. I am an investor and was able to check out one of my investments the other day and was blown away by the inventory.

I no longer shop out of town … too hard to find what I am looking for, and then the returning process is such a pain.

These girls will find what you want for you cheerfully and order it immediately. They are continually looking for new suppliers

One of the biggest reasons I am so content here is that my life in Will Rogers is perfect for me. I feel my stars are aligned perfectly, maybe for the first time ever? It is heavenly for me … no cooking, ironing, no need for a car, lots of things going on around me if I choose to participate.

Jamie, the executive director, runs a smooth operation. The staff are all so friendly, helpful and caring. Jamie also has the ability to discuss financial assistance should that be necessary.

Besides all of this, the Adirondack Daily Enterprise is my favorite read and always has been. If I find an article of interest, I know how to find additional info, should it be of special interest to me.

I was so delighted to read of that fabulous award by the Associated Press that I forwarded it to all of my old classmates and contacts, and glued the headlines into my Saranac Lake scrapbook.

I have lived here very happily in Will Rogers for four years and in Saranac Lake for nearly 90 years.

Natalie Bombard Leduc

Saranac Lake