First annual Night Out

To the editor:

I would like to be one of the very first to publically say CONGRATULATIONS and give the utmost praise to the Saranac Lake Police Department and all the other amazing law enforcement and emergency agencies that came together yesterday to make the first National Night Out such a huge success!

These men and women took time from their busy schedules to give the community of Saranac Lake, young and old alike, the opportunity to not only meet so many of these everyday heroes, but also gave them the chance to see and hear firsthand how important each and every department is and how they work together hand in hand to keep us all feeling safe and secure.

A very special thank-you to my son Travis MacDonald, who worked long hours to make this night a reality. Without each and every one of you, it would never have been such a huge success! What an amazing way for these agencies to be able to reach out and build more trust, awareness and understanding. THANK YOU!

Carol MacDonald