Don’t resort to name calling

To the editor:

I am very upset that Congresswoman Stefanik has reverted to name calling and describing Democrats as socialists, as described on North Country Public Radio and in the Glens Falls Post-Star.  

We in the North Country have worked hard to reduce such divisive language and bring people together of differing political affiliation, social and economic status, education, age, sex, cultural backgrounds through forums like Common Ground Alliance to address major challenges that we face. The congresswoman has a fine record and has no need to resort to name calling, which divides people instead of bringing them together. Air differences over policy, but at the end of the day we all need to work together to protect the environment, deal with climate change, increase educational and economic opportunities, fight invasive species and address a myriad of other challenges.

I urge political leaders, leaders in business, education, the media, our faith communities and others to urge the congresswoman and any others who resort to name calling to stop doing so. It cheapens and hurts all of us. Growing up in small communities, we quickly learn that we are dependent on everyone else for our well-being. That person you may not like politically, or because the church they go to, may be the volunteer who comes to your home when there is a fire, to transport someone to the hospital or rescue a loved one lost in the woods.

I’ve had emotional discussions, to be sure, with people over various differences of opinion, but in the end of the day we share far more in common than not. We need our leaders to articulate the problems as they see them, the solutions they propose and the experiences they bring to the table. Leave the name calling at the door.

Naj Wikoff

Keene Valley


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