Do Stefanik, Trump understand socialism?

To the editor:

I see that Elise has joined Donald in name calling as she labeled four progressive members of the Democratic caucus “the Socialist Squad.” But does she understand socialism?

It’s becoming obvious that the Republicans will be hurling this word about as they confront their Democratic opponents in 2020. I hope those Democrats will join me in claiming the title by explaining that socialism is a society deciding the projects of most import to be done and agreeing that we all will pay to see such projects accomplished, such as the education of our children for their benefit and the future of our country.

All this talk of “free college” is so ridiculous. Nothing is “free.” We can and should agree that college be available for all capable young people, and we will all pay to see it happen. The same with health care and any other quests we agree are vitally necessary.

Socialism gives me hope that together we can accomplish wonderful things for the common good.

Bill Cooper