Are we going to survive in 2020?

To the editor:

I’m asking you, the United States of America, are we going to survive in 2020 with this so called President Trump again?

Are we? Are we going to go to war with other countries and not be able to trade with them or get our merchandise from China or Mexico or other countries who help us?

Are we going to become slaves, or are we going to still be free America? Are we ready to maybe lose some of our family members to wars?

Are we going to be able to pay our bills, taxes, buy food, clothes or keep roofs over our heads with this president?

Are we going to worry about people who were born here in the USA with different nationalities and different cultures, which Trump wants to be transported out of the United States?

You say he is not racist, but he is. You say he doesn’t make unfair advances toward women that he sees and wants; he lies about it. (There are some who say he does, no lie.)

You say he doesn’t cause trouble, but you know he does. You hear it on the news and sometimes read it in the paper.

His expressions and words say he doesn’t care about us, only himself and what he can get from us.

I hope he doesn’t make president in 2020. Someone else could be better than him. Also why is he putting down Barack Obama? Barack Obama never gave us this kind of trouble.

He never made any kind of trouble or enemies with other countries like Trump is.

If Trump becomes our president again, will we be able to live good for another four years? I know a lot of you don’t want to hear or read this, but this is what might happen to us.

Are you ready for it? I hope so! I for one am tired of worrying what life will be like with him again. I wonder, do you feel that way, too?

I, for one, have my fingers crossed that things work for our best. I know a lot of you don’t believe this, but a lot of us do.

Good luck, America. Good luck.

Betty Palin

Tupper Lake