Adirondack Health care was great

To the editor:

I recently, on July 23, entered the Adirondack Health center to have a knee replaced. I would like to tell you about the wonderfully positive experience I encountered during my brief stay

This experience actually started about a month prior to surgery. The hospital held a class for patients having a joint replaced. The class was well organized and informative. The nurses ran through the procedures from start to rehab after surgery. A hospital pharmacist, anesthesiologist and several physical therapists were present as well as operating room nurses. These folks answered any questions that we needed answered and provided a view of what lay ahead with the operation and recovery.

During this meeting we were given dates and times that people would be calling us and the reason for the calls. The amazing thing was that each call occurred on the date given and at the time stated.

My hospital stay began in the pre-op area. The nurse was terrific. She explained what she was going to be doing and the reason why, as well as patiently answering any last-minute questions I had. The anesthesiologist came in introduce himself and explained what he would be doing. Both of these people had a caring, friendly personality that put me at ease prior to the operation itself.

Once I was sent to my room, the nurses, nurses’ aides, physical therapists and helpers were professional, knowledgeable, caring and friendly. This wasn’t just one shift or several people, but was all shifts and everyone I encountered. All my needs were tended to quickly and with a smile.

This was the most positive hospital stay I have ever encountered. Even the food was by far the best institutional food I’ve ever experienced. The young people working in Environmental Services were polite and friendly.

I would have listed names but know that I would have missed someone, and that would bother me. I want to thank everyone who put up with me and provided a first-class hospital stay. I would recommend Adirondack Health center to anyone that asks.

John Mulholland