Trump leading U.S. to war with Iran

To the editor:

Wake up, America!

Well, America, are you getting the message yet? Can’t you see what your so called president is doing yet?

He is starting another war that might begin soon! Iran is warning us for the next 60 days; then they will or might bomb us.

Is this what you want? Don’t think we have enough problems already with other countries that won’t trade with us or help us?

We have a so-called president who Twitters a lot and causes nothing but trouble for us.

Do you really want him as president again? A president who raises our taxes and is killing the USA instead of protecting us? I, for one,am sick and tired of being used by that so-called president.

If he really cared about us, we wouldn’t be in this kind of trouble with other countries.

So are we going to have him (Trump) as president again? Will we always be looking over our shoulders for more war again? Are we going to be wiped off the face of the earth because of Trump?

It’s really up to you America! Do you really love Trump that much that you want the USA flushed down the toilet? Because that’s where we are going.

So wake up, America. Don’t you think we need someone better to help us? I do.

Betty Palin

Tupper Lake