Cartoon terribly misrepresented Democrats

To the editor:

A week or so ago I wrote my reaction to a post that depicted Democrats as anti-police, anti-flag, anti-American. This upset me because it depicts, in the minds of those who agree with that viewpoint, horrible individuals who uphold lawlessness. NOT TRUE! Democrats want our borders secure, we want equal protection by our police for all individuals, we want laws to be obeyed, we want our flag to fly because our country has high standards where everyone is equal and deserving of a safe, healthy place to live. And, might I add, not in cages when no crime has been committed. We do not condone criminal behavior of any kind.

Well, the political cartoon in the Enterprise on July 10 did just that. Please, I know the purpose of political cartoons is to skewer the opposing political side, but this cartoon by Branco, Americans for Limited Government, went too far.

I’ll try to describe it for you. Trump is standing, holding an American flag in one hand, in the other he has a copy of the Constitution and a law-and-order document. On his lapel is a “Freedom” badge, and on his head a hardhat that says “Freedom.”

The other side? The Democrats’ symbol, a donkey, who is holding a communist flag in one hand and is displaying “free stuff” and “open borders” on the badges on his jacket. I’m sure that cartoon was appreciated by Trump supporters. But in my mind, it is hate provoking. It may get a laugh and applause, but for some it will depict Americans like me as enemies of the true “patriotic” Americans, Trump supporters.

Branco has every right to the cartoon, as the Enterprise has to display it. Like most Americans, I am proud that we have a free press. Our president, however, sees the free press as the enemy of the people. Hmmmmm, I thought the First Amendment guaranteed the freedom of a free press. Maybe I misunderstood, The press is free only if it agrees with the president. Several of the other amendments seem to be interpreted differently by this administration. I’ll get to those tomorrow. How will we Democrats be depicted next? I can only imagine.

Linda Blair

Lake Placid