We need a better representative in Congress

To the editor:

In 2016 — at the height of the opioid overdose epidemic — Congress passed legislation limiting the power of the Drug Enforcement Administration to stop suspicious shipments of opioids. This legislation followed a decade-long $2.5 lobbying effort by the drug companies and powerfully illustrates the influence of money from special interests on our politics. 

Tom Marino, R-Pa., led the charge in the House, and Orrin Hatch, R-Utah, negotiated it in the Senate. Marino was subsequently nominated to be “drug czar” by Trump but withdrew his name when the story broke.

I read recently that Congresswoman Stefanik received 96% of her money in the first quarter of this year not from within the district but from outside special interests such as the energy lobby. It’s no mystery then why she should support the people responsible for sending wind-blown mercury into our lakes and ponds, and vote against the interests of people here. 

In contrast, Tedra Cobb has received most of her donations from people she would represent in this congressional district. Who do you think would better represent the people of the North Country in Congress?

Kirk Peterson

Lake Clear