My Marine

To the editor:

He was only a boy in high school when he heard the Marine recruiter say —

“Come join our fine Corps, young lads. We’ll guide you on your way.”

He was just barely 17 when he took the final oath.

His parents saddened when he left, he aimed to please them both.

Off to boot camp was his first step. He knew what he had to do.

He had to become one of them, the elite and chosen few.

He found it wasn’t very easy, and each day was very rough.

But when he left the island he knew he must be tough.

Far off to Korea he was shipped to fight the mighty war.

He soon found himself fighting on this far and distant shore.

He often thought of his loved ones waiting here at home,

While he rested on the rough terrain with a pillow made of stone.

Soon the fighting was over, the battle had been won.

He thought of all the lives that had been taken as he put away his gun.

He returned back home to America “The Land of the Free.”

He was greeted by his loved ones, who were as happy as can be.

He had become a young man now — so very tall and lean.

He proudly wore the uniform of the United States Marines.

Now that he’s a civilian, he hardly talks about the war.

But mentions quite often how much he loved the Corps.

I know that if he could go back about 20 years what he would do.

He would join the United States Marines and be one of the chosen few …

Marjorie Gowett